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Although they constitute three different sessions, independent from each other, ideally the workshops should be attended in the following order:


Resource management. Organize your material.

As a modern teacher, you are most likely surrounded by technology that facilitates, enriches and adds variety to your teaching on a daily basis. Once you have found a resource (a song, vocabulary activity, crossword, game, documentary), you might need to store it for future use, which involves: A accessing it and B sharing it. This seminar enables you to do just that. Instead of searching for the same thing over and over again or bookmarking every single page, create a content list of material and organize it to fit your own teaching needs. Let flexibility, reusability, accessibility and practicality be your mottos.


Game design. Create your own fun activities.

You are likely to have used the contents of numerous game platforms such as Kahoot, Classtools, Purpose Games, Quizlet. Do you always find what you are looking for? Are there times that you wish you could create and upload your own material? Look no further. Flexible Multimedia offers instruction on how to turn your material (or any material for that matter) into Multiple Choice exercises, True or False activities, Crosswords, Hangman games, Word Search, Image Search.


Web design. Create your own micro-site.

You have learnt how to organize your material and you have learnt how to design games. Now’s the time to create a space where you could place all this and make it accessible to your students. You may be using Facebook but it lacks permanence and visibility in comparison to a site, not to mention the fact that it might not be appropriate to encourage your students to have their own FB account in order to access your material. A website is the ideal spot – or platform if you prefer – to upload your material and present yourself in a professional-looking fashion.

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